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SafeSpace Shelter Program

The SafeSpace Shelter Program offers victims of domestic violence and their dependents safe housing to escape the violence in their home. While participating in the SafeSpace Shelter Program residents can attend individual and group advocacy, develop individualized safety and action plans which assists them in staying safe and setting and achieving personal goals.

The Steps We Take:
  1. SafeSpace helps victims in the acute stage of abuse by bringing them to one of the two secure and confidential shelters.
  2. SafeSpace promptly assesses their immediate needs and helps to meet these needs. These include safety from the batterer, medical attention, rest, food and clothing, injunctions for protection, emotional support, safety planning, counseling and legal advocacy.
  3. After the acute phase, SafeSpace advocates work with the victim to obtain employment, childcare, legal services and safe housing. Clients who do not enter our shelter are offered all of the same services.
  4. SafeSpace helps victims to develop personal safety plans, learn how to escape the abusive partner, relocate, and utilize support groups.
  5. Educational sessions are conducted to improve the victim’s perceptions of their personal value and availability of their life options.
  6. Children’s Advocates provide direct services to children and their special needs and also provide Parenting Skills Education.
  7. Legal Advocacy assistance provides information and support in regards to the legal system. This entails escorting the participant to the courthouse and being there while the participant fills out the injunction paper work. The advocate provides emotional support when they appear in front of the Judge and informs them of the services of the State Attorney’s Office and Victim’s Compensation.
  8. SafeSpace continually updates its services and programs with the help of the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
  9. SafeSpace Auxiliary Aids Plan
Court Advocacy:

Participants of the Court Advocacy program are assisted with the process of obtaining an Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence by a trained SafeSpace advocate. The advocate orientates participants to courtroom protocols and assists them with completing paperwork (County Clerk permitting). The advocate attends the injunction hearing and supports the participant through the legal process.

Outreach Advocacy:

The Outreach Advocacy program is available to victims of domestic violence and their dependents who are not requesting residential shelter services. Participants are offered the opportunity to attend both group and individualized advocacy, develop safety and action plans which assists them in staying safe and setting personal goals.

Contact SafeSpace at the following numbers to obtain more information and program availability in your county:

TTY accessible

Indian River: 1-772-569-7233
St. Lucie: 1-772-464-4555
Martin : 1-772-288-7023
Administrative Office: 1-772-223-2399